10+ Best Magisk Modules For Your Rooted Phone

Magisk is a popular and powerful systemless root tool. It lets you run Android as your own personal operating system on any device, even if it’s not officially supported. With the help of Magisk Modules, some people have been able to get rid of those pesky Google Services that don’t work with non-Nougat devices or install software from sources other than Play Store without worrying about potential consequences. Let us take a look at 10+ Best Magisk Modules For Your Rooted Phone!

The “magisk modules for android 11” is a list of 10+ best magisk modules that are compatible with your rooted Android phone.



Magisk is a root technique that is “systemless.” It’s simply a method of altering the system without really altering it. Instead of changing the genuine system files, modifications are securely kept on the boot partition.

This is the tool’s most significant feature. Modifications may go unnoticed by Google SafetyNet since the original system files remain untouched.

What are Magisk Modules and how do I use them?


Magisk gives you access to a world of customization options for your smartphone. You may install a variety of modules, including the root. A “Module” is a plug-and-play modification that enables for quick tweaking and customization.

Ad-blockers, emoji replacements, CameraAPI2 enabler, and more modules are among them. They’re useful modifications that may help you get more out of your Android smartphone.

On XDA and in the Magisk Manager software, there are a plethora of helpful modules. The modules may be found in the Manager app’s slide-out menu.

What is the procedure for installing the Magisk Module?

The first method is to download Magisk Manager.

This is one of the simplest ways to get magisk modules and install them. We’ll download and install the modules using the Magisk Manager.

  • First, get Magisk Manager APK and install it.
  • Now, from the app drawer, launch the Magisk Manager.
  • From the left-top corner, choose the hamburger menu.
  • Then choose Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you can either browse or use the search option in the top-right corner to find your favorite magisk module.
  • Finally, click the Download Icon to download the module, which will then be installed.
  • To make the modifications take effect, reboot the device.

Method 2: Obtaining Files from Third-Party Websites (like XDA Developers)

When you get Magisk Modules from third-party sites like XDA Developers and subsequently install them using Magisk Manager, you may use this technique.

  • First, get Magisk Manager APK and install it.
  • Now, go to the app drawer and launch Magisk Manager.
  • From the left-top corner, choose the hamburger menu.
  • Then choose Modules from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, in the center-bottom area, click the plus (+) symbol.
  • The file manager will open, and you’ll need to find the Magisk Module you downloaded.
  • Now, touch on the Magisk Module you just downloaded, and it will begin flashing immediately.
  • Finally, reboot the device to have the modifications take effect.

Magisk Modules of the Year

Xposed Framework (version 1)

This will be at the top of many people’s to-do lists. Xposed has been around for a long time and has become an indispensable tool for many users. Xposed is a framework for the Android operating system that allows for the execution of numerous Android modifications and changes.

When Magisk enabled root access without interfering with the system partition, its creator rovo89 ported the Xposed Framework to Magisk, allowing users to take use of the best of Xposed’s Modules while also gaining systemless root access.

XDA Discussion: Xposed Framework

2. Viper4Android FX (Viper4Android FX)

The finest sound equalization software for your phone is Viper4Android. It allows you to raise the bass, tone down the treble, or increase the maximum volume on your phone while reducing distortion. And that’s only the beginning. If you put any effort into it, it can be a really powerful instrument.

Viper4Android’s biggest feature is that it allows you to build sound profiles for various output devices. What sounds good on your phone’s internal speakers won’t always sound good on your costly wired headphones or in-car audio system.

That is no longer an issue with this program; just create a profile for each one and fine-tune the parameters individually.

3. Vanced on Youtube

This patched version of the YouTube app includes support for background play, which is one of the most often requested features.



You may also disable video resolution constraints, utilize the pinch-to-zoom gesture, and set movies to repeat automatically. There are two versions of the app: one with a normal theme and one with a dark theme.

YouTube Vanced XDA Thread

4. Dolby Atmos surround sound

This module will assist you in enabling Dolby Atmos sound on your Android device. The required modifications to the system files will be applied when you install this mod, and the Dolby Atmos app will be immediately loaded on your device.

This is a fantastic tweak for anybody who enjoys listening to music on their Android handset. The Dolby Atmos app offers a variety of tools for fine-tuning different parameters so that you can get the most out of your device’s audio.

Dolby Atmos XDA Thread

CloudflareDNS4Magisk is number five.

There are numerous solid reasons to utilize a third-party DNS server, and Cloudflare DNS in particular offers several outstanding privacy advantages. However, modifying DNS settings on Android is inconvenient.



The approach varies a lot from one OS version to the next. The CloudflareDNS4Magisk module is much easy to set up. It uses the free Cloudflare service to route all of your mobile data and Wi-Fi traffic.

Cloudflare DNS XDA Thread

Greenify4Magisk is number six on the list.

Greenify is one of the most effective battery-saving programs available. By mandating low or zero background program use, it puts all of your applications into appropriate hibernation mode for improved energy conservation. The software works on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones, with rooted devices receiving additional features.

Similarly, the Greenify4Magisk module makes it possible for Greenify to function as a privileged program, allowing it to achieve higher hibernation performance while remaining system-independent.

Greenify4Magisk XDA Thread

Pixel Experience No. 7

The Pixel 2 is the Android phone to beat. It’s also rather costly. If you want some of the amazing features of Google’s flagship but can’t afford to upgrade right now, the Pixel Experience module is a good alternative.

It has the same appearance, feel, and functionality of a Pixel 2. The Pixel 2 launcher is included, as well as audio files (such ringtones and alarms), themes, and the Google Sans typeface. It also includes features such as Camera2API, video stabilization, and Google Assistant.

Pixel Experience XDA Thread

App Systemizer (number 8)

You may use App Systemizer to make some applications work as system apps. Why would you do anything like this? There are many causes for this.

Because system programs can’t be deleted simply, security apps receive an added layer of protection. Some utilities, like as battery optimizers, benefit from the additional rights granted to system programs. It also works well for programs that are always running, such as a third-party launcher.

You can’t utilize App Systemizer to conserve space on your phone’s internal storage since it doesn’t change the system partition. As is customary, apps will update automatically via the Play Store.

Thread on XDA: App Systemizer

9. Turbo Boost for the GPU

Gaming is now the largest industry, and mobile gaming is a major contribution. We all want to play games on our phones, whether it’s a cheap phone, a mid-range phone, or a high-end flagship phone. And now that Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are available, the mobile gaming business is flourishing.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could force your phone to render the game’s frames more quickly? You can, thanks to the GPU Turbo Boost Magisk Module. The module boosts the GPU’s performance by up to 75% while lowering its power consumption by 25%. So, go ahead and play!

Thread on XDA: GPU Turbo Boost

Call Recorder (number 10)

While I utilize a stock Android experience, I usually miss the integrated call recording feature when I’m on the phone. These integrated call recorders are included in most custom UIs, but not in Stock Android Custom ROMs such as Pixel Experience and Lineage OS.

This Magisk module will also assist us in enabling call recording on our Stock Android Custom ROMs. All we have to do now is install the module using Magisk Manager, and we’re good to go. It will operate in the background, discreetly recording calls as they are received or dialed.

Call Recorder is a Github repository.

ARCore/Playground Patcher (No. 11)

This is currently one of the finest magisk modules available. It makes Augmented Reality possible on any Android handset.

Google created the technology, which is now available on Android handsets running Android version 7 or above. However, if you have an Android device that is older than Android 7, this module will assist you in enabling AR on that device as well.

That concludes our list of the Top Magisk Modules for Android. Did any of your favorites slip through the cracks? Please let us know in the comments section below.


Magisk is a systemless root solution which means you can install it on any phone and it will work. There are 10+ best magisk modules for your rooted phone. The “magisk modules download” includes all of these modules and more.

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