ASUS M32CD Review

ASUS is a major player in the gaming market, and this laptop wowed us with its performance. It comes complete with an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card at a reasonable price point compared to other competitors.

The “asus m32cd motherboard” is a motherboard that has been released by ASUS. The board has the latest generation Intel Core i7 processor and supports up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM.

Today we’re looking at the ASUS M32CD desktop computer, which is now Amazon’s best-selling PC. Let’s see how this gadget performs in the real world.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the pre-built ASUS M32CD tower to see how it performs and how upgradeable it is. We also compared the hardware to our suggested $500 Gaming PC Build, since the M32CD can be upgraded to become a very good gaming machine with a few modifications.

ASUS M32CD Desktop PC Overview

The M32CD desktop tower computer was developed by ASUS to be a plug-and-play option for individuals searching for a computer package with little setup.

The M32CD-US003T we’re looking at has an i5 CPU, integrated graphics, 8GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage. It also includes Windows 10 Home is a free version of Windows 10. version, a keyboard and mouse, and the option to add a monitor if you want a completely comprehensive bundle.

Keep in mind that the M32CD is available in many distinct models, each with somewhat different hardware. The M32CD-US003T and M32CD-AS51 models are the subject of this review. Except for the RAM type, the two versions seem to be similar as far as we can tell (DDR3 in the M32CD-US003T versus DDR4 in the M32CD-AS51).


  • The latest Skylake architecture, with good on-board graphics.
  • 1 TB of data storage
  • A 5-in-1 card reader, 8 USB ports, HDMI, and VGA are among the many peripherals available.
  • Wireless card built-in
  • Warranty period of one year


  • The warranty is no longer valid. You’ll forfeit any manufacturer warranties if you open the casing to change or extend your system.
  • There is no specialized graphics card available.
  • If you wish to add dedicated graphics, you’ll need to increase your PSU.


The performance of this computer is the first thing we want to know about. It’s a terrific all-rounder when it comes to value for money.

This machine has a fantastic processor. The quad-core Intel i5-6400, a 2015-released 6th generation Skylake CPU, was utilized by ASUS. It features a 2.7GHz base clock speed and a 3.3GHz turbo speed.

Although there is no dedicated graphics card, the i5’s integrated Intel HD Graphics 530 can handle low-end gaming and video at 4K/UHD quality.

It comes with one 8GB DDR3L RAM stick that can be upgraded to 32GB (though this may be an expensive exercise). However, increasing the memory to 16GB by inserting another 8GB stick of RAM is extremely doable.

This PC comes with a 1TB SATA 3 hard disk and enough capacity and SATA ports to operate up to three hard drives at the same time if you need extra storage (though you would need to get creative with how you mount the third drive).

A single 5.25′′ bay and two 3.5′′ bays are included in the case. The optical drive takes up one of the 5.25′′ bays, while the 1TB hard drive takes up one of the 3.5′′ bays.




This PC’s i5 CPU and 8GB of RAM make it ideal for daily use and can easily handle many apps, making it ideal for business or personal usage. With a brushed metal finish, it also looks very slick.


This PC will satisfy your requirements if you frequently use your computer for chores like skype, surfing the internet and Facebook/social media, watching movies (and this machine can easily handle UHD/4K! ), or even casual gaming.

Gaming Capabilities

‘How will this machine handle games?’ is a popular question. While the absence of a separate graphics card is not ideal for gamers, the integrated graphics will allow you to play certain modern games with acceptable frame rates provided you leave the settings on medium and utilize lower resolutions.

If you’re a more serious player, you shouldn’t dismiss the M32CD just yet. This basic computer may be updated to provide a more cost-effective gaming machine, which many people have done.

We opted to compare the M32CD hardware with our $500 Gaming PC Build, which is a comparable price point to the M32CD at the time of writing, since this seems to be a typical practice.

First and foremost, we compared CPUs. According to the synthetic benchmark test results below, the processor on the M32CD is superb, one of the newest, and it outperforms the lesser model i3 that we’ve selected in our $500 build. However, you’ll see that the i3-6100 CPU we picked for our $500 setup gives higher performance per dollar invested, which is why we went with it (allowing more to spend on a graphics card is a better approach when selecting components for a gaming computer).

CPU Comparison ASUS M32CD vs $500 gaming buildThe ASUS M32CD Processor is compared to our $500 Gaming Build. CPU Benchmark is the source.

This comparison clearly demonstrates one of the M32CD’s primary advantages: its recent-release CPU, which will continue to be relevant for some time.


Through its single VGA and one HDMI connector, the M32CD can accommodate up to two screens. If you wish to run additional screens, you’ll need to check at USB/display port adapter choices.

4K screens are supported using the HDMI output.

The M32CD is being upgraded.

If you’re considering about buying this computer with the aim of updating it, keep in mind that it comes with a warranty seal on the casing; breaking the seal voids the manufacturer’s one-year guarantee.

Any upgrades, such as hard drives, more RAM, or a graphics card, will invalidate your warranty, so keep that in mind. Some customers choose to use the computer as-is for the first year, then upgrade after the equipment is no longer under warranty.

The ASUS M32CD is a pretty adaptable machine right out of the box, and the unpacking video below shows you precisely what you’ll get (stock) if you buy it.




For anyone seeking to personalize or upgrade in the future, we’ve provided a list of the complete specs at the conclusion of this post.

If you want to expand this computer in the future, pay close attention to the motherboard slots. For example, there is only one PCIe x16 connector, so running several cards is not an option.

For the M32CD Desktop Computer, Graphics Cards

Adding a dedicated graphics card to this PC is a pretty frequent upgrade. With this update, the M32CD transforms into a powerful gaming machine.

If you want to do this, keep in mind that the M32CD’s 286W (350W peak supply) power supply does not have a lot of spare capacity, so you may need to update the power supply as well, depending on the graphics card you pick.

The default M32CD also lacks case cooling fans; if you’re going to install a dedicated graphics card, it’s worth investing in a case fan for extra ventilation. A single case fan may be added to the motherboard.

The good news is that there’s enough room for full-sized gaming graphics cards to be installed!

We compared the M32CD integrated graphics to the graphics card we chose for our $500 gaming build (our $500 build has a bigger power supply and can accommodate a more powerful card than the original M32CD).

Onboard graphics on the newest generation Skylake CPUs are adequate, but adding a dedicated card blasts this out of the water. We compared the simulated graphics performance benchmarks below:

Graphics cards ASUS M32CD vs $500 gaming buildThe ASUS M32CD integrated graphics are compared to our $500 Gaming Build graphics card. Videocard Benchmark is the source of this information.

We included the GTX 750 Ti in our benchmark comparison since it is one of the more powerful cards that can fit inside the M32CD without requiring a power supply modification.


Other graphics cards compatible with the M32CD include (but are not limited to):

    • The GeForce GT 730 is a high-end graphics card (can use with existing PSU)


    • GTX 750Ti (the highest powerful card that will work with the current PSU)


    • GTX 950 is a high-end graphics card (may be able to get away with using the existing PSU, but would recommend upgrading it for optimal performance)


    • 960 GTX (will need to upgrade the PSU)


    • The GTX 970 is a powerful graphics card (will need to upgrade the PSU)
    • qirThe GTX 980 is a powerful graphics card (will need to upgrade the PSU)



1632876985_594_ASUS-M32CD-ReviewirOther graphics cards will physically fit in the enclosure, therefore this isn’t an exhaustive list.

Check out this excellent YouTube video for instructions on how to install a new graphics card and power supply.



For the ASUS M32CD, there are two power supplies available.

You’ll need a new power supply if you want to upgrade to one of the higher-end GPUs. Take a look at these two low-cost power supply solutions.

If you’re searching for a GTX950 or GTX960, the EVGA 500W W1 is a good choice — you can get it on Amazon here. You may perhaps get away with a GTX970 on this power supply, but you’d be pushing the limitations of the power supply.


If you’re going with a high-end nVidia card like the GTX970, GTX980, or GTX980ti, you’ll need a bigger power supply like the ThermalTake 650w, which you can get on Amazon.


If you’re looking for more cheap gaming PC ideas, check out our gaming PC builders area.

Specifications for the ASUS M32CD

Number of Models:

32CD-AS51/ M32CD-US003T

System of Operation:

Windows 10 Home


LGA1151 Intel i5-6400 Quad-Core 2.7 GHz (turbo to 3.3GHz) 6th Generation Intel i5-6400 Quad-Core 2.7 GHz (turbo to 3.3GHz) 6th Generation Intel i5-6400 Quad-Core 2.7



Intel HD Graphics 530 on-board graphics adapter

DisplayPort, Embedded DisplayPort (eDP), DVI, and HDMI are all supported by the on-board graphics adapter.

Base frequency of the on-board graphics adapter: 350 MHz

It can accommodate a resolution of 4096 x 2304 pixels, which implies it can comfortably run 4K.


The motherboard utilized in the M32CD is an Asus exclusive H110-M OEM Desktop Motherboard that cannot be purchased separately.

H110-M/M32CD/DP MB is the model number.

Intel H110 Express Chipset

The following information is derived from the “H110M-PLUS D3” section of this website, with the premise that the boards are comparable.

2 x DIMM, max. 32GB DDR3, 1866(OC)MHz memory

1 × PCIe 3.0/2.0 x 16 PCIe slot

HDMI, DVI, and VGA are all supported as outputs.

Realtek ALC887 audio

1 Gigabit LAN (Realtek)

4 × SATA 6Gbit/s SATA

USB Type-A: 2 x USB3.1 Gen 2 4 × USB 3.0

I/O ports on the back:

1 × HDMI-Out 2 x USB 2.0 1 × D-Sub (VGA)-Out 2 USB 3.1 ports 2 USB 3.0 ports 1 RJ45 LAN port Side Speaker, Rear Speaker, and C/Sub Speaker: 3 x Audio Jack One line in, one line out a single microphone


I/O Ports on the Front:

1 x 5-in-1 Card Reader 2 x USB 3.0 1 pair of headphones a single microphone



1 × 8 GB DDR3L-SDRAM 1600MHz internal memory (M32CD-US003T)

Instead of DDR3, the M32CD-AS51 model number features DDR4 RAM.


1000 GB total storage capacity, HDD storage medium Serial ATA III interface, 7200rpm hard disk

Power Source:

286 watts (350W Peak) 1632877018_188_ASUS-M32CD-Reviewir


Realtek 8821 AE Wireless LAN 802.11ac Integrated (takes up 1 mini PCIe x1 port)

Bluetooth version 4.0

Drive Optical:

24X DVD-RW Drive Integrated


6.9 x 15 x 16 inches (W x H x D)

18.3 kilos


The official manual for the VivoPC M32CD can be found here.



The M32CD desktop computer is a wonderful mid-range computer that will fit the average user and may also be a decent gaming alternative (with a few tweaks). The absence of a dedicated graphics card is an apparent disadvantage, although this will only be a problem for professional gamers.

For the foreseeable future, the i5 CPU will provide enough performance. This computer’s mix of peripherals, built-in wifi and bluetooth connection, and 8GB RAM make it incredibly adaptable, and it makes an ideal foundation computer if you want to upgrade specific components inside it in the near future.

The “asus m32cd processor upgrade” is a mid-range gaming laptop that comes with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor. It has 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card.

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