How to Watch YouTube TV in Split

The “pip youtube tv on tv” is a method of watching YouTube TV in Split. This method requires the use of an Android device and a Chromecast.

YouTube TV is a new streaming service that promises access to popular TV networks like ESPN, CNN and TNT. Here’s how you can watch YouTube in Split.

On iOS devices, YouTube TV does not presently enable picture-in-picture, although iPad users may utilize the split screen capability. While this isn’t the same as picture-in-picture, it is a viable solution for individuals who want to watch live TV while still using other applications on their tablet.


YouTube TV has a good range of device compatibility, allowing you to view on smart TVs, phones, computers, tablets, and other devices. Although this is a Google service, it supports a variety of Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, making it a viable alternative independent of operating system.

That does not, however, imply that the overall experiences are comparable. Android users, for example, may utilize a picture-in-picture mode to watch YouTube TV in a smaller window. This enables people to utilize the gadget for several purposes at the same time. Picture-in-picture is technically accessible for iOS devices as well; however, the YouTube TV app does not currently support the iOS version.


Split screen mode on YouTube TV on iPad

While the absence of feature compatibility will be inconvenient for YouTube TV customers who prefer to use their iPhone or iPad to view the service, those who use Apple’s tablet may use a split screen mode.

On the iPad, Split View enables you to utilize two separate applications at once, including YouTube TV. Split View mode is currently only accessible on the iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Air 2 (and later), and iPad mini 4 (at the time of writing) (and later).

How to utilize YouTube TV’s Split View feature:

  1. Open the YouTube TV app on your device.
  2. To open the Dock, swipe up from the bottom.
  3. A second app should be tapped and held.
  4. Drag it away from the dock (to the left or right edge)

iPad users will be able to use the YouTube TV app to watch live TV while surfing the internet in Safari, talking with others, or using any other app at the same time once it has been enabled.

For several streams, split screen is not a viable option.

Split View is a solution for iPad users who wish to watch live TV while also using another app, but it will not address the problem of viewing two separate programs, movies, or live sporting events at the same time. Split View for iPad allows users to launch two windows from the same app and utilize them in split screen mode, however because of the way YouTube TV works, this won’t assist with viewing several videos.


Even if it were feasible, the stream allowance would be severely impacted. Subscribers to YouTube TV may only watch on a certain number of devices at the same time. While the device determines which streams are available, this is primarily owing to the fact that each device can only broadcast one channel or movie at a time.

YouTube would detect two separate streams if a user could stream two different videos on the same device at the same time. In practice, this would have a significant impact on the amount of streams accessible to other users with the same YouTube TV account.

AirPlay is supported by YouTube TV on iPad.

YouTube TV now supports AirPlay in addition to Chromecast. As a result, regardless of whether a TV has the YouTube TV app loaded, a subscriber may stream YouTube TV to a smart TV using an iPad.

As long as the smart TV supports AirPlay and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPad, the user should be able to broadcast any YouTube TV streams from the iPad to the TV with no problems. The user will only need to run the YouTube TV app on an iPad, choose the live TV station (or on-demand content) they wish to view, and then touch on the AirPlay icon.

While AirPlay is not a substitute for picture-in-picture, it does provide another alternative for users who wish to watch YouTube TV while still using other iPad applications.

Summary of YouTube TV split screen on iPad

On iOS devices, YouTube TV does not allow picture-in-picture, although iPad users may use Split View mode to watch live TV on one side of the tablet while using another app on the other. This, however, will not allow you to simultaneously view two distinct YouTube TV channels or videos.

Even if it could, simultaneously viewing two YouTube TV streams on the same device would significantly reduce the total account’s number of accessible streams, thus limiting access to live TV streaming for other users who share the same YouTube TV account.

Another way is to just utilize YouTube TV’s AirPlay functionality. While there are some extra prerequisites for this option, it is another method to watch YouTube TV while using an iPad to do other things.

The “youtube tv split screen samsung tv” is a feature that allows you to watch YouTube TV in split.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use YouTube TV in two locations?

A: As of this writing, YouTube TV is not available in Canada.

Can you split YouTube TV cost?

A: YouTube TV is a limited product. This means that it can only be used in the United States and you need to sign up for an account before gaining access.

How do I get YouTube TV on my second TV?

A: You would have to get them both on the same Google account.

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