Peacock Premier League: Cost, Fixtures & Replays Explained

The “peacock premier league fixtures” is a soccer league that was founded in 1994. The Premier League has been around for over 20 years and has been one of the most popular leagues in the world.

The Peacock Premier League Tournament is a FIFA-style competitive tournament, which sees players from all over the world compete for cash prizes. In this article, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about PPL including its cost and rules so you can decide whether it’s worth your time. For more information on the future of gaming as an industry check out our other articles on Blockchain Gaming & Esports

In the United States, Peacock is currently a popular site for Premier League live games and highlights. While NBC and NBCSN still broadcast a handful of Premier League games, anybody who wants access to full EPL coverage throughout the season will require a Peacock subscription. Here’s all you need to know about watching Premier League on Peacock, including how much it costs, how fixtures operate, how to obtain on-demand replays, and how to get started.


Most Premier League matches were broadcast on NBCUniversal-owned channels, including NBC and NBCSN, prior to the start of the 2020-21 season. In recent years, however, certain games have been reserved for NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass subscribers. With the introduction of Peacock in early 2020, NBCUniversal moved not just all Premier League Pass games to the streaming service, but also a large number of matches that would have been shown on NBC or NBCSN.

During the 2020-21 season, Peacock will exclusively broadcast 175 games, as well as extra post-match content, including analyzation and complete replays of all games. Peacock is currently a prominent source of Premier League coverage in the United States.


The Peacock Premium Premier League is expensive.

The first thing Premier League supporters should be aware of is the price. Peacock is technically available for free. The free tier, on the other hand, excludes any Premier League coverage, much alone any exclusive matches. This material is only available to Peacock Premium subscribers.

There are three levels of peacock.

Peacock Premium is $4.99 a month and gives you access to all of the unique content, extra highlights, and complete on-demand replays. There is, however, a Peacock Premium Plus tier. The Premier League coverage is not improved by upgrading to the $9.99 Premium Plus package. The Premium Plus membership, on the other hand, just eliminates advertisements.

Due to the nature of live television, the switch to an ad-free experience will have no effect on the live games telecast on Peacock. In other words, even if you pay for Premium Plus, you’ll still see commercials before, during, and during the half-time break.

Because the $4.99 Peacock Premium plan provides the same degree of access to Premier League material as the $9.99 Premium Plus tier, soccer fans should choose for the less expensive plan to save money on a monthly basis. In addition, there is the option of paying yearly for even more savings.

Peacock Premium costs $49.99 if purchased yearly, or $4.15 per month if purchased monthly. Because the soccer season is not year-round, Premier League fans may find that subscribing on a monthly basis and canceling after the season finishes is the best option.


Matches in the Peacock Premier League

The Premier League season runs from August to May each year, with a total of 380 live matches taking place throughout that time. 175 of the games are live streamed on Peacock, while 205 are still televised on regular NBCU stations.

With just under half of all Premier League games available through Peacock during the season, every team will have some of their fixtures exclusively shown on the streaming service, necessitating a subscription for fans of any Premier League team who want live access to all of their team’s games and highlights throughout the season.

Peacock broadcasts live games as well as highlights.

Due to scheduling, the actual matchups that will be shown on Peacock are usually only disclosed one or two weeks in advance. With 175 of the 380 matches accessible on the site, it’s safe to assume that many of the games each week will be available solely via Peacock. If 10 matches are planned on Saturday and Monday, four to five of them will need a Peacock membership. Furthermore, because to Peacock’s devotion to replays, all 10 of those matches are available to view.

Replays from the Peacock Premier League

Peacock’s other primary Premier League selling features include on-demand replays for all 380 matches, in addition to 175 live matches. However, since these are simply replays, anyone who wish to watch the 205 non-Peacock games live will need a live TV subscription that includes access to NBC, NBCSN, and other networks.

If you don’t care about seeing every minute of every half as it happens, the Peacock Premium membership, which costs $4.99 a month, is a wonderful choice. The Premium plan may be able to eliminate the requirement for a live TV subscription entirely by allowing you to view every game throughout the season, although on a delayed basis.

Under the “Sports” area, you’ll find Peacock Premier League Replays. Tap or click on the “Sports” option in the app or on the Peacock website, then scroll down to the “Premier League Replays” row.

Replays from the Premier League are available on Peacock.

The delay between the live broadcast and the Peacock playback is the one big drawback of on-demand replays. Any match broadcast today on NBC or NBCSN, for example, will not be available for on-demand streaming via Peacock until 9 p.m. ET (6PM PT). Furthermore, replays are only accessible for the first 30 days via Peacock, so they aren’t available indefinitely.

The games will no longer be accessible to watch once the 30-day period has passed, and Peacock doesn’t provide a cloud DVR option, so there’s no way to save favorite or unwatched games for later viewing.

Summary of the Peacock Premier League

Peacock will broadcast 175 of the 380 Premier League matches exclusively, however all 380 games will be available as on-demand replays. While Peacock is free to use, individuals who want to see Premier League programming will need to subscribe to Peacock Premium. Premier League fans just need the cheaper Premium membership, which costs $4.99 a month and gives them unrestricted access to all of Peacock’s soccer content.

Every game in the Premier League has a replay accessible, but they won’t be available until much later in the day, and they’ll only be available for the first 30 days.

The “peacock schedule” is a football league in England. The league has been around for over 10 years, and it is made up of 16 clubs from the Premier League and Football League.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch all Premier League games on Peacock premium?

A: Yes, I am able to stream Premier League on the Peacock app.

Are Premier League games free on Peacock?

A: Premier League games are not free on Peacock.

Does Peacock have on demand Premier League?

A: Yes, Peacock has the Premier League on demand. That means you can watch it whenever you want without having to worry about missing out!

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