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Customers on T-Mobile can now receive 12 months of Apple TV+ for free. While this is a terrific way to save money on a subscription, it’s important to understand how the offer works, who is eligible for a code, and any other restrictions that come with T-‘Apple Mobile’s TV+ on us’ deal.


Apple TV+ was released in 2019. Since then, Apple has steadily increased the number of original episodes and movies accessible for viewing. Simultaneously, device support has been progressively growing, with the service now accessible on more platforms and devices than ever before, and without the necessity for an Apple device like as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Because there are no confusing plans or levels to pick from, Apple TV+ is a rather clear offering. Instead, for $4.99 per month, all users may subscribe to the ad-free regular subscription. Given the current T-Mobile deal’s 12-month duration, the offer results in a savings of $59.88 over the course of a year. Customers who have signed up for T-Magenta Mobile’s or Magenta Max plans are eligible for the ‘Apple TV+ on us’ deal. Other customers, including those on Sprint and corporate plans, may be eligible for the discount as well, and there’s a simple method to find out.


How to check for code and register for it

Consumers must first register for the program before they can take advantage of it. T-Mobile handles everything, and the customer’s phone number is used to verify their account and check eligibility. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes and requires no further information other than a T-Mobile phone number.

Check whether you’re eligible for free Apple TV+:

  1. Go to the T-Mobile Promotions website to learn more.
  2. T-phone Mobile’s number should be entered.
  3. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
  4. Re-enter your T-Mobile phone number.
  5. Use the coupon code “2021APPLETVP1” to get a discount.
  6. Start by pressing the Start button.
  7. After reading the T&Qs, click Continue.
  8. Select a phone number (if more than one line on the account)
  9. Continue by pressing the Enter key.

T-Mobile customers will be given the chance to redeem the deal via Apple if their account is qualified. If the phone number used is not already associated with a deal-eligible plan, the customer will get a notice stating that “your account is ineligible for this offer,” along with a rationale for the refusal. The “current rate plan is not eligible” for a complimentary Apple TV+ subscription will most likely be stated as this.

If an eligible customer does not intend to use the code right away, they are not required to do so. Free Apple TV+ membership vouchers must be used before July 31, 2022, and must be redeemed before June 30, 2022. As a result, customers may redeem the code now and save it until they’re ready to use it to get a free Apple TV+ membership, as long as they do so before July 31, 2022.

T-Mobile customers may view their registration code at any time by visiting the company’s website. Return to the T-Mobile Promotions website, input the phone number used to register the code, and the ‘Get Apple TV+ On Us for One Year’ registration data will be accessible under the “Reward Tracker” area. T-Mobile customers may confirm their reward by clicking the “View” button, then redeem their free Apple TV+ subscription by clicking the “Click Here For Your Reward” button.


T-Mobile is the place to sign up, and Apple is the place to redeem.

Despite the fact that T-Mobile is offering the deal, the real subscription is with Apple. As a result, T-Mobile users will have to use Apple to redeem the code. This will need not only the installation of the Apple TV software, but also the creation of an Apple ID and an iTunes account in order to access Apple TV+. Existing Apple users will have less of a problem with this, but individuals without an Apple device will need to register an Apple account and add a payment option.

Because this is one of those circumstances where the free membership will automatically transition to a paid subscription after the promotional time has ended, the inclusion of a payment option will be necessary. Consumers who do not want to continue with a paid membership must cancel their Apple TV+ subscription via Apple before the conclusion of the free 12-month period due to the usage of automatic billing.

In addition to having a T-Mobile plan that qualifies, customers must ensure that the gadgets in their household support the Apple TV app. While the list of compatible devices has grown over time, some customers may still discover that their favorite devices aren’t included. If this is the case, users interested in taking advantage of the free Apple TV+ service might consider utilizing a different device or waiting for their device to receive support before redeeming the offer.

Summary of the T-Mobile Apple TV+ marketing

Customers who have signed up for a T-Mobile Magenta or Magenta Max plan, as well as certain Sprint and corporate customers, may get a one-year complimentary Apple TV+ subscription. Subscribers should notice the deal in their account, but they may double-check their eligibility by registering for a code on T-promotional Mobile’s page. The coupon may be used right immediately or later if it is eligible, but it must be redeemed by the end of July 2022.

T-Mobile customers will need to redeem the free Apple TV+ subscription via Apple after registering a code. You’ll need an Apple ID and an iTunes account to do this. Before redeeming the deal, T-Mobile customers would need to register an Apple account if they don’t already have one. If you don’t cancel your free Apple TV+ membership before the promotional time ends, it will automatically convert to a paid subscription.

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