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If you are looking for the best free streaming alternatives to watch your favorite TV shows, movies or live sports online then you have come at the right place. I’ve listed down some of their websites below-

The “thoptv alternative for ios” is a list of 13 best free streaming apps that have the same functionality as the official app. These apps are available on iOS, Android, and other platforms.

TeaTV was noted for providing viewers with access to the most recent free movies and television series, which they could save and watch later. Due to legal and copyright difficulties, the website and app were taken down, forcing consumers to hunt for Teatv replacements.

After extensive investigation, I’ve compiled a list of the top 13 legal and free sites similar to TeaTv for limitless movie and TV program streaming. There are certain sites on the list that are completely legal, so you won’t have to worry about copyright concerns.

I’ve published a complete guide on how to download and install Tea TV for Apple iPhones, Macs, Android phones and tablets, and Firesticks.

Tubi Tv is a free movie and television program streaming service that is 100 percent legal and copyright-free. It makes money by inserting advertisements in between videos. Thousands of films are available for free on the free movie streaming service’s website.

It’s a great alternative to tea TV since it’s owned by Fox and only shows properly licensed stuff.

If you’re seeking for high-quality video and audio but aren’t satisfied with tea tv, go over to Tubi Tv to watch free episodes and movies.

Tubi TV devices that are supported

  • Android
  • Smart TV from Samsung
  • Roku
  • Apple Tv
  • iOS
  • Fire TV
  • Xbox
  • Also included are 25 additional gadgets.

Tubi tv’s features

  • Is compatible with over 25 different devices
  • Streaming online is completely legal.
  • Shows and movies in 4K
  • A large selection of films and television series are available.
  • There aren’t many advertisements.
  • The platform offers a user-friendly UI.

Tubi TV’s review

Tubi TV provides over 20,000 titles to keep you entertained. The Fox Corporation is responsible for the majority of the titles. Tubi TV is one of the top free movie streaming sites in the globe if you’re searching for a legal alternative to Tea TV. It gets a 5 out of 5 star rating from me.

Pluto Television (Puppet TV) is a (Editors Choice)

Pluto TV is a much superior service than Tea TV, since it has all of the features of a top-rated free movie streaming site. Viacom owns the movie streaming service and has made a number of its films available on it.

I’ve been using Pluto TV for almost three years and it has never let me down. The service is completely free and includes over There are 170 channels available.. It also includes a broad range of genres, from anime to action.

The majority of the videos are streamed in high definition, including 4K video. The website makes money by interspersing advertisements between videos and programs.

I’ve produced an essay on Pluto TV that covers all you need to know.

Pluto TV devices that are supported

  • Apple’s iOS and MAC platforms
  • Firestick and Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Smart TV
  • PlayStation is a video game console.
  • Xbox
  • And there are many more.

Pluto TV’s features

  • 4K Video in High Definition
  • 170 channels
  • Platform for watching movies that are completely legal.
  • Multi-device compatibility

Pluto TV’s review

I’ve been using Pluto TV for quite some time now, and it’s far surpassed my expectations. If you’re searching for a site similar to Tea TV, Pluto TV has 170 channels of movies and series to choose from. If you’re seeking for a TeaTV substitute, Pluto TV offers one of the greatest legal free movie streaming services.


Vudu is a free movie streaming service, although not all movies and episodes, such as tea tv, are available for free. The majority of the films must be rented, however some may be bought via the site.

Vudu also features a large selection of free movies and series for consumers to pick from. Vudu is for everyone seeking for a paid and free TeaTV alternative.

The visual and audio quality of the movies and series is outstanding. Ads do not appear in paid movies, however they do appear in free movies and programs.

Vudu devices that are supported

  • Playing games
  • Xbox
  • SmartTV
  • Browser
  • Roku
  • Android
  • iPhone and iOS are two Apple products.

Vudu’s Advantages

  • Movies and series available for free and for a fee
  • Videos in Full HD and 4K resolution
  • Over 15 devices are compatible.

Vudu’s review

Vudu offers a variety of free and paid movie and television programming. You may rent the paid movies and shows, while the free movie shows can be seen without charge.

Vudu is a superb tea tv alternative if you’re seeking for the greatest paid and free movies and episodes to watch online.



IMDB is a well-known website for rating movies and television programs. The majority of people are unaware that IMDB also has a section called IMDB TV that offers free movies and television series. IMDB TV is now only accessible in the United States.

IMDB TV features a vast variety of free movies and episodes. They may not be the most recent, but they are certainly a diverse selection.

If you’re searching for a free and legal alternative to tea television, IMDB TV is a good choice. The extensive selection will keep you occupied for the whole day.

IMDB TV devices that are supported

  • IMDB TV is supported by the browser, and it may be accessed from any device that uses the browser.

IMDB tv’s features

  • A diverse selection of old films and television series are available.
  • Video of good quality
  • In the United States, it is completely legal to watch.

On IMDB TV, there is a review.

IMDB TV features a wide library of movies and television series from the 1990s and early 2000s. The movie-streaming service is exclusively accessible to residents of the United States. As a legal Teatv alternative, I would strongly suggest it. In addition, I’ve produced a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about IMDB TV.

Thop TV


Thop TV is a site similar to TeaTV that has all of the same features. ThopTV is used to view movies and television series, as well as live television and cricket. App has over 300,000 downloads on the Google Play Store, however it was taken down owing to various difficulties.

How to download and install thoptv on iOS, iPhone, and Mac are all Apple products., and Android phones and tablets is the subject of a separate article.

ThopTV was well-known for its live TV streaming service, as well as its most recent movies and television episodes. The majority of ThopTV’s users are from Asia.

ThopTV devices that are supported

  • iOS, iPhone, and Mac are all Apple products.
  • Android Mobile Devices
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick are two products from Amazon. are two products from Amazon.
  • Browser

ThopTV’s features

ThopTV’s review

ThopTv includes services comparable to Tea TV, such as live television and live sports streaming. In Asia, the movie streaming service is quite popular, and it is mostly used to view the most recent films and television episodes.

As a tea tv option, I would definitely suggest ThopTv. If you are unable to download the app apk, I have published an extensive post on alternative ThopTV apps.



Mobdro is a teatv rival that has all of teatv’s features. It is a free movie website and app that allows you to watch an endless number of movies and episodes at no cost.

The service offers a diverse selection of the most recent films and television episodes. Mobdro users may download movies and episodes to watch later on their devices.

Movies and TV series are also streamed in high HD, making movie watching on Mobdro a very enjoyable experience. It is not simple to download and install the Mobdro app apk, which is why I have produced a comprehensive guide on how to download and install the Modbro app apk on smartphones.

Mobdro devices that are supported

  • Android devices
  • iPhone, iOS, and MAC are all Apple products.
  • Fire TV with Fire Stick
  • Browser
  • Roku
  • Smart televisions

Mobdro’s Features

  • The software is always being updated with new features.
  • Movies and TV series may be downloaded.
  • a broad category
  • Compatible with a variety of devices
  • High-definition movies and television programs

On Mobdro, a review

I would suggest Mobdro to any Tea Tv user because of its features and choices. The majority of the features and options are identical to those found on tea tv. If you don’t like the Mobdro app, I’ve written a separate page featuring Mobdro alternatives.



Cyberflix is a free movie streaming software that offers hundreds of new releases. Users may download movies and television series to view later.

Cyberflix has many of the same features as tea tv, making it a viable option. The video quality is excellent, making it much more enjoyable to use. Millions of people from all around the globe have downloaded the Cyberflix app.

Due to legal concerns, it was stopped down, although the app apk may still be downloaded. I’ve included the steps for downloading and installing the Cyberflix app apk on various devices.

Cyberflix supported devices

  • Smartphones powered by Android
  • Apple iOS, iPhone, Mac
  • Smart TV
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick

Cyberflix’s Advantages

  • Compatible with a variety of devices
  • High-definition video and 4K streaming are also available.
  • You may save it and view it later.
  • It is completely free.

Cyberflix’s review

With all of the features and the most recent movies and television series, Cyberflix is a great tea tv option. Millions of people use Cyberflix all around the globe. The app’s users may also download and view movies later, making it even better.

CotoMovies is a collection of short films produced by CotoMovi (Now defunct)


Cotomovies is a free movie streaming software that offers hundreds of new releases. On the app, users can also download movies and series. Because the Cotomovie app is difficult to download and install, I’ve produced an article on how to download and install the Cotomovie app apk on Android devices.

Users from all around the globe utilize the free movie streaming software. The user interface and experience are simple to use.

Cotomovies has been operational for four years and has amassed a significant fanbase, however it was recently shut down due to legal difficulties. Check out this post if you’re seeking for alternatives to cotomovies.

Cotomovies supported devices

  • iOS, iPhone, and MAC are all trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • Android
  • Roku and Fire TV

Characteristics of Cotomovies

  • The movies and series are available for download.
  • Streaming movies in full HD
  • On the move, watch movies

On Cotomovies, there is a review.

Cotomovies is a well-known free movie streaming service with a variety of features. It’s a fantastic software, similar to tea tv, that people have been utilizing to view the most recent movies and episodes. Cotomovies is a wonderful software to use if you want to view movies on the move.

Morph TV


Morph TV is another site similar to TeaTv that offers many of the same features and movies as TeaTv. Morph TV is a website and app that provides access to free movies and television series. There are approximately 3000 games to pick from on the site. The program allows users to download movies and episodes to view offline.

In 2011, the movie streaming service was launched. If you want to get the morph Tv apk, I’ve prepared a whole essay on it.

Morph TV devices that are supported

  • Every Android phone
  • Smartphones from Apple
  • Fire Stick and Fire TV
  • Roku players

Morph TV’s Features

  • The software allows you to download movies and programs.
  • Excellent user interface
  • A huge selection of the most recent films and television series

Morph TV’s review

Morph TV, like tea tv, has been broadcasting free movies and series for the last eight years, and tea tv lovers would like using Morph TV. It offers a lot of the same features as Teatv.

Originals on YouTube


With billions of users from all over the globe, Youtube is one of the world’s largest sources of user-generated video content. The majority of people are unaware that YouTube has created its own original material, which is available for free on Youtube Originals. The original YouTube broadcasts have amassed millions of viewers. Youtube Originals is a fantastic alternative to Tea TV that offers even more features.

Devices that support Youtube Originals

  • Phone with Android
  • All Apple products
  • Roku
  • PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Xbox
  • Fire TV
  • Also, any device with a browser.

Youtube originals’ features

  • Youtube has exclusive content.
  • Video quality is excellent in Full HD, 4K, and even 8K.
  • Millions of people are watching.

Youtube Originals Review

Youtube has evolved to become one of the most popular video content publishers, and Youtube Originals has become one of the most popular original content producers. Youtube Originals, like tea tv, is an excellent place to go if you’re seeking for free and legal programs to watch.



Until it was taken down owing to copyright difficulties, 123 movies was one of the most popular free movie and TV program torrent websites. There are several clone websites and app apks for watching free movies that are similar to 123movies. I’ve published an article on how to install and download 123movies on various devices.

123movies has to be one of the greatest TeaTV alternatives on the list if you’re seeking for new movies like the ones on TeaTV. Millions of people visited the free movie streaming sites each month.

123movies supported devices

  • Apple products
  • Android devices
  • Firestick and Fire TV
  • Roku, among other things

123movies has a number of unique features.

  • One of the most comprehensive collections of free movies on the internet.
  • Streaming in High Definition
  • Few Ads

On 123movies, there is a review.

123movies is the world’s biggest free movie streaming service. In many places, using the website is prohibited. Many individuals use the app apk to access the streaming service and view episodes and movies.



With millions of movies and episodes, GoMovies was one of the largest torrent movie streaming sites in the world. The majority of the series and films were recent Hollywood releases. Authorities took down the website owing to legal and copyright problems.

To view GoMovies material, many of its customers used proxy websites. Users may also view and stream movies by downloading the GoMovies apk file. Because downloading and installing apk files on numerous devices is not straightforward, I’ve produced an article outlining the steps for downloading and installing GoMovies on several devices.

GoMovies supported devices

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Smart televisions
  • Firestick
  • Any browser-enabled device

GoMovies’ Features

  • The most recent films and television series
  • There are several categories from which to pick.
  • A large number of Hollywood films are available.

On GoMovies, there is a review.

If you’re seeking for the most recent Hollywood films and television series, Gomovies has you covered. It’s a great alternative to tea tv, and it has a lot more features.



Showbox is one of the most popular tea tv alternatives on our list since it has many of the same features as the others. Users may download and view movies and episodes later or while they are offline, which is one of the finest advantages of the Showbox app. Another popular feature among its consumers is the live television streaming service, which offers a variety of channels.

Showbox is the ideal option for those seeking for an all-in-one bundle similar to Tea tv.

Showbox devices that are supported

  • Apple’s iPhone and iPad are popular devices.
  • Smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems
  • Firetv and Firestick
  • Roku
  • Any browser-enabled device

Showbox’s features

  • Users may save movies on their computers and view them later.
  • Excellent user interface
  • The most recent films and television series
  • A wide variety of categories are available.

Showbox’s review

Showbox offers a large selection of movies and TV series that may be downloaded. It includes many of the same features as tea tv, however if you are dissatisfied with Showbox, here are some Showbox alternatives.

Last but not least,

Since Teatv was stopped down due to legal difficulties, I’ve compiled a list of the finest Teatv replacements. You may leave a comment below if you know of any more movie streaming services like tea tv to add to our list.

The “thoptv alternative reddit” is a list of 13 best Tea tv alternatives for free streaming. The list includes apps such as the “PBS Kids”, “The Roku Channel”, and “Tubi TV”.

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