Where Do Scanned Documents Go on Mac Computers?

You have successfully scanned a file or document on your Mac system and want to access them instantly. After searching for the scanned files everywhere on Mac, you might be wondering where scanned documents go on Mac. Finding the files on the computer is annoying, and we understand that.

The scanned file can appear in various places based on the scanner brand you’re using. Finding the scanned documents can be done using simple steps on Mac. Let’s check out some of these methods in this article.

Set Up Scanner on Mac

Before you start scanning your documents on a Mac, ensure you have the latest scanning software. Follow the instructions given on the scanner and then connect the scanner and Mac.

Click on System Preferences in the Apple icon available in the screen’s top left corner. Choose Printers and Scanners and choose your device. If you can’t see it, hit the + icon in the screen’s lower-left corner and click Add.  

Scan Document and Save It as PDF

Do you know that scanning any document and then saving it as a PDF is not difficult on a Mac computer? You can simply do that by opening the document you would like to save as a PDF file. Now, select File and then choose the Print option.

Press the PDF pop-up menu and then click Save as PDF. Select the PDF file name and the location you want to save it. Hit the Security Options to password protect your saved document.  

If you are finding difficulty in managing PDF files, combining multiple files into a single one allows for easy management. Visit online tutorials to learn about how to combine PDF files into one.

If the app or its firmware is old or outdated, it may cause difficulty in saving a PDF. So, make sure the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro app is up to date on your Mac device.

Methods to Find the Scanned Documents

The following are the best methods you can use to locate the scanned documents.  

  • Use Spotlight or Finder

 To locate scanned documents on a Mac, you can open a Finder and hit the blue smiley face. In the Finder window, click All My Files on the left and type your search criteria, including file name or extension.

Use the Spotlight search to find the scanned file. To use this way, click on the magnifying glass in the menu bar’s upper right corner.

Enter your search criteria. You can find scanned files ending with .pages, .pdf. and .jpeg. If you are not able to search for the scanned file in the Finder or Spotlight, you may need to use alternative locations.

  • Access the Selected Location

 While scanning a document, you would be asked to select the storage folder. If you remember that location, you can easily find the scanned document.

By default, scanned files are saved in the Pictures folder. To open this folder, click Finder, tap on the Go, and then Home. Search the Pictures folder in the Home window and double-click on it.  

You can also search the scanned document in the Downloads folder or the Documents folder. Visiting the primary folders and searching for the scanned files by entering the filename in the search field can help.

  • Use Professional Software

Run a professional app and browse the complete scan result to find the scanned file. Choose the file or document you want to preview. Tap on the Recover and enter the desired storage location. This software will assist you in getting the lost as well as existing files.  

Other than EaseUs recovery, you can use other professional apps to find and restore the file on the Mac computer. Plenty of paid and free options are available, but make sure to keep your budget in mind.

Change Default Scan Location on Mac

Tap on the Scan Tile on the HP Smart app home screen. Click Get Started and choose an option from the top menu bar.

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Change the required settings from the scan window. Choose Auto Enhancements and hit the Scan. Some built-in features allow users to get the most out of Mac computers.

If you see Detect Edges window, click and drag the blue dots to adjust the boundaries. Now, hit Apply. Select any option in the Preview Window and adjust the file in the Edit window. Click Done. Choose the Scan option and click OK.

The Conclusion

To quickly get access to your scanned file or document, it is good to keep in mind the location you’re saving them. The article must have provided you with in-depth information on where scanned documents go on Mac so that you can locate your files with great ease.