YouTube TV Premium Channels List & How Much They Cost

YouTube TV has recently announced the addition of premium channels to their services, but many are frustrated with how much these cost. Today I’ll be looking at what it costs for each channel and if its worth subscribing or not.

The “youtube tv channels list 2021 pdf” is a Google Doc that contains all of the YouTube TV Premium Channels. The document also includes how much they cost.

Subscribers to YouTube TV may access a number of premium channels, which serve to extend the channel roster and choices. Because they are premium add-ons, they do come with a monthly fee, which varies according on the network. Knowing which premium channels are accessible via YouTube TV before signing up will help you decide whether this is the correct live TV streaming service for you, as well as give you an idea of how much a more comprehensive bundle would cost.


YouTube TV, unlike some of the other live TV streaming services now available, does not provide a variety of plans from which to pick. Instead, only the basic YouTube TV subscription, which costs $64.99 per month, is available. Subscribers have little option about the channels they may watch since there are no alternative plans or bundles available. Simply said, YouTube TV customers receive everything included in the $64.99 package.

Unless a customer chooses to add a premium network. In general, there are no financial advantages to subscribing via YouTube TV since the fee is generally the same as subscribing directly to the network. Subscribers enjoy a more manageable and better experience overall by integrating paying and having the premium network incorporated into YouTube TV.


List of YouTube TV Premium Networks

Subscribers to YouTube TV may pick from a variety of premium channels that can be added to their basic plan. The monthly fee, however, varies based on the channel.

Premium YouTube TV channels include:

Network Price p/m
Acorn TV $6
Allblk $5
AMC+ $6.99
Cinemax $9.99
CONtv $4.99
CuriosityStream $3
Docurama $4.99
Dove $4.99
Epix $6
Now is the time for Hallmark movies. $5.99
HBO Max $14.99
IFC Films Unlimited is a division of IFC Films. $5.99
Crime & Justice $1.99
MLB.TV $24.99
NBA League Pass is a subscription service that allows you to watch $39.99
Showtime $11
Shudder $6
Starz $9
Now is the time to go to Sundance. $7
WE tv+ $5.99

Subscribers to YouTube TV may choose from a limited number of bundle add-ons, including Sports Plus, Entertainment Plus, and 4K Plus, in addition to the individual channels mentioned above. The cost of these bundles varies, and each one has its own set of benefits. Sports Plus and Entertainment Plus, for example, offer extra channels, and 4K Plus enhances the overall YouTube TV viewing experience.

Free trials of premium networks are available.

A free trial is offered for almost all of the premium networks accessible via YouTube TV. This is a terrific method for new and current customers to evaluate whether the extra channel is perfect for them before committing to paying for it. Subscribers will need to be proactive in canceling the add-on before the free time expires, similar to how the ordinary YouTube TV free trial works, if they want to avoid having to pay the additional money each month.

Subscribers to YouTube TV may be eligible for a lengthier free trial than they would get if they paid for the premium network directly. HBO Max, for example, no longer provides a free trial when signing up for the service on the website, requiring prospective users to pay up front before getting a chance to try it out. Subscribers who sign up for HBO Max via YouTube TV, on the other hand, get a seven-day free trial.


While most of the additional channels offer a free trial, not all of them do. Furthermore, the duration of the free trial varies each channel. Subscribers who add a channel via the YouTube TV website will be able to see how long the channel will be accessible for free, allowing them to decide whether they want to pay for it or cancel before the first payment is made automatically.

Summary of the YouTube TV premium network

Subscribers to YouTube TV may add a variety of premium channels to their basic subscription to expand their channel portfolio and have access to more content. Because these are premium networks, they are not included in YouTube TV’s standard subscription and must be purchased separately. CuriosityStream costs $3 per month, whereas NBA League Pass is $39.99 per month.

Most of the premium networks offered on YouTube TV include a free trial period, allowing you to try out the channel before paying for it. The duration of the free trial varies per network, similar to the pricing, with the most common lengths being five or seven days. If customers wish to avoid paying the extra monthly fee for the premium network, they need quit before the free trial time expires, just as they did when signing up for the regular YouTube TV free trial.

August 2021 (update)

The “printable youtube tv channel list” is a list of all the premium channels that are available on YouTube TV. The prices for these channels vary from $2 to $12.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels are on YouTube TV premium?

A: YouTube TV has a list of channels that are included in its free trial, and then once you extend your subscription for the month, more channels will be added. Some examples of some content on these channels include ESPN, Disney Channel, TBS & TNT. These would be available with your YouTube TV monthly subscription plan.

Is there a channel guide for YouTube TV?

A: You can use this channel guide for YouTube TV.

How much are the premium channels on YouTube TV?

A: Premium channels on YouTube TV have a monthly cost of $40.

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