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ESET Antivirus includes all of the security features you’ll ever need to keep your data and privacy safe, such as:

  • Support for anti-theft
  • Webcam security
  • Setup and user interface are simple.
  • Support for several platforms
  • Encryption at the banking level
  • System requirements are minimal.
  • Anti-malware software that is up to date

Cybercrime has been around for quite some time. Viruses — a broad phrase that covers a wide spectrum of digital dangers — have evolved with technology, becoming more clever and devious, but their primary objective has remained the same.

In other words, hackers are still after your assets for financial gain. Home users in Canada, like anyplace else in the globe, need to install robust virus protection software on their PCs to keep one step ahead of thieves.

But there are still a few loose ends to tie up before we get to the finest antivirus Canada has to offer. Reversing the effects of viral infections is not only technically difficult, but also very costly.

After all, isn’t that the whole point of ransomware? While corporations are more likely to be targeted, individual users are not immune.

Credit card credentials, banking information, social security numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information are becoming a more enticing target for fraudsters looking to earn a fast buck off unwary individuals surfing the Internet from the comfort of their own homes.

Fortunately, the finest antivirus software in Canada helps protect you from malicious malware. That is, if you can obtain one. Do you now need an anti-malware or virus protection program? What, if any, is the difference between them?

Is anti-malware software the same as anti-virus software?

Both yes and no. Isn’t it a little perplexing? Don’t worry, we’ll get straight to the bottom of it. While all viruses may be classified as malware, not all malware is in fact malware.

In other words, if left unchecked, viruses will proliferate with or without immediate effect, while malware infects your system with malicious code that will harm your computer, network, or both.

Modern antiviruses are gradually moving away from traditional viral definition comparison-based threat detection and toward more sophisticated systems that can identify, prevent, and block complicated harmful assaults.

As a result, the best antivirus for PC in Canada will combine impenetrable virus protection with powerful malware eradication skills, as well as a slew of other features.

If you don’t know what to look for, finding the finest antivirus Canada has to offer might be a daunting endeavor.

So, why don’t we go from there? Let’s look at what makes a virus protection program the greatest antivirus money can purchase. Of course, your own preferences will play a big role in the final decision, but our advice will help you lay the groundwork for your own decision-making.


What criteria did we use to choose the best antivirus for Canada?

Our skilled testers have combined research and empirical skills once again to provide the finest antivirus available in Canada.

To do this, the Windows Report QA team gathered data from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to:

  • standards for official software
  • full-scale stress testing that include installation, setup, and performance measurements in a variety of situations.
  • independent virus testing labs like AV-Test and/or AV-Comparatives, and more

Price, cross-platform compatibility, and multiple connections are all factors to consider.

Price is, without a doubt, a significant deciding element. While financial constraints vary, it’s reasonable to assume that the average annual AV subscription remains at $70.

Of course, depending on the functions incorporated by your antivirus, it might be more or less. It’s no surprise that a full-scale, well-rounded, and well-balanced cybersecurity solution will have you delve further into your wallets. You get what you pay for, after all.

Although cost and configuration are depending on each other, most providers provide three versions: a basic antivirus, a flagship Internet security edition, and a high-end edition. Prices range from $30-$60 on average for basic models to $80-$100 for premium versions as features are added.

AV Service Provider Device + Duration Basic Flagship Premium
ESET 1 device, 1 year $39.99 $49.99 $59.99
Bitdefender 3-5 devices, 1 year $24.99 for the first year – 3 devices $39.99 for the first year – 3 devices $34.99 for the first year – 5 devices
Kaspersky 3 gadgets, 1 year $18.00 $24.00 $27.00
Norton 1-5 devices, 1 year 1 device – $9.99 (1st year only) $19.99 for the first year – 5 devices $79.99 for the first year – 5 devices
Avast 1 device, 1 year Download for free $69.99 $99.99

However, extra features are just one perspective. It’s also crucial to safeguard several devices. This includes cross-platform compatibility and the ability to utilize a single license across many devices.

A hybrid antivirus that caters to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and/or Android infrastructures can help you if you possess various pieces of equipment running on different operating systems (fixed and mobile alike). In other words, the best antivirus Canada must be adaptable.

Even if you stick to one operating system, such as Windows, you’ll want to be able to use your antivirus subscription to protect all of your devices, including your PC, tablet, smartphone, and so on.

The same is true in houses when each family member has their own gadget. In this instance, the best antivirus software for Canada would have to provide bundle solutions that cover many devices with a single license.

Finally, free antivirus choices exist, and we’d venture to claim that they’ve lately improved significantly. Premium software, on the other hand, is more likely to keep you safe online.

However, this does not negate the importance of free versions or free trials, which is precisely what we will discuss next.

For lengthy testing, a free trial or version is available.

While free antiviruses provide enough security and can scan your system, they will not be able to defend your system from more complex and persistent infections.

We do prefer premium versions, as we have previously said. But, more crucially, we gave additional weight to those companies that also provide free versions of the same software or at the very least a free trial of antivirus software.

While we feel that having some direction is beneficial and provides context, we also believe that you should be allowed to experiment with the many goods mentioned here on your own.

Personal needs, expectations, and overall experience are all subjective, therefore nothing beats a hands-on session that enables you to push antivirus solutions to their maximum in terms of features, capabilities, and worldwide functioning.

We also think that you should be allowed to do so without incurring any costs or taking any risks before making long-term commitments.

Setup is simple, and the UI is user-friendly.

It’s a reality that no one enjoys time-consuming jobs. In this fast-paced world, time is becoming more scarce, therefore installing and configuring the finest antivirus Canada has to offer should take no more than a few minutes.

Wizards for installation, interactive start kits, and thorough instructions are all quite helpful.

After you’ve covered deployment, the interface is what separates good antivirus from the rest. The user interface must be user-friendly, intuitive, and user-focused.

It’s not only about looks – though a contemporary, polished appearance would undoubtedly help – but also about functioning. Menus that are well-organized and simple to access and explore are vital.

It’s a win-win scenario if you have a decent overall presentation with clean pieces and a nested-like framework that emerges gradually.

Low false positive rates With high virus and malware detection

As previously said, the finest antivirus Canada has to offer will have to perform more than just compare infections against a database.

There’s nothing wrong with the old way of doing things. On the contrary, you should choose an antivirus that updates its viral signatures and definitions database on a regular and automated basis.

The best antivirus for PC in Canada, on the other hand, will have to contain more complex technology, and there are lots of solutions available.

A software that offers both on-access and on-demand scans, as well as heuristics, machine learning or AI-based detection, behavioral analysis, and other features, should be considered in addition to real-time protection.

The tool you’ll need will preferably combine the antivirus engine’s standard protection with at least one of these advanced tactics.

It goes without saying that detection rates must be as near to 100 percent as feasible, with very few false positives. We used the results of independent tests done by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives for this purpose, as well as for malware-removal rankings.

We believe their conclusions to be as precise as they get since they specialize in doing complex testing involving many malware samples, and you should too.

Check out the most recent AV-Test results for our top 5 picks: ESET, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Norton, and Avast, which date back to October 2021.

There is little to no effect on performance.

While we were hesitant to actively implant malware into our system for obvious reasons, we exhaustively examined numerous antivirus programs at the system level in terms of speed, resource usage, and general responsiveness.

Our favorite part was calculating the effect during a scan, which we did with every antivirus rated here.


Some of our testing were carried out on a light ASUS SonicMaster laptop with the following specifications:

Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system Intel Core i7-8565U CPU processor with 1.80GHz-1.99GHz overclocking 8.00 GB RAM 500 GB HDD with 118 GB of contents currently occupied

Don’t be afraid to go into the details of any antivirus mentioned below.

Naturally, you’ll want an application that won’t tax your device’s capabilities, obstruct your everyday activities, or deplete your system’s resources.

If you don’t have the most up-to-date computer, having an antivirus that doesn’t use a lot of CPU power is even more crucial.

We highly urge you to select a lightweight antivirus that is both covert and unobtrusive if you want to benefit from flawless security without sacrificing your performance, processing speed, or responsiveness.

The best antivirus software for Canada is one that has a small, virtually imperceptible system footprint and requires little of your machine.

Additional characteristics

Multiple device protection and anti-malware features have previously been mentioned, but security supplements are only the top of the iceberg.

There are several other features that may provide iron-cast, top-notch, in-depth protection. Naturally, you’ll find them in complete packages starting with Internet security versions and the price will rise proportionally.

However, rather of buying all the elements individually, you can save money in the long term by investing in an end-to-end security package.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for, depending on your requirements and preferences:

Options for personalization

If you’re ready to go above and beyond in terms of supplementary features, you’ll likely find a flexible antivirus that meets your demands.

While attractive user interfaces are desirable, the finest antivirus software in Canada must also include sufficient adjusting options to satisfy sophisticated users.

When it came to customizing, we were more interested in practical features like the ability to schedule scans and choose which parts to include or omit from the process (specific file types, sectors, and so on).

What antivirus is the finest in Canada?

  • Scanning has a lot of customizing possibilities.
  • Parental restrictions and gamer mode
  • Anti-phishing, anti-fraud, anti-spyware, and anti-ransomware security are all available.
  • Multi-layer protection using machine learning
  • Webcams, banking, and network security are just a few of the features available.
  • There is no built-in VPN.

Once again, it’s your inquisitiveness that motivates us. Is Eset a decent antivirus, you wondered? We’d rather let its remarkable track record speak for itself.

ESET, which is known for providing cutting-edge IT security, has won a slew of major accolades, including the most recent title for antivirus with the lowest false positive rates, which was introduced in 2020.

Advanced machine learning-based algorithms define its multi-layer security, which includes cutting-edge antivirus, antispyware, and anti-ransomware protection.

And it gets even better with network-oriented defensive tools like the Network Inspector, network attack prevention, firewall, anti-phishing, and anti-fraud tools like Banking & Payment protection, a secure browser for shopping, and more included in this complete security suite.

Webcam security, antispam, and parental controls are just a few of the features that safeguard your privacy.

Are you concerned about your speed? ESET Internet Security has a tiny system footprint, gamer mode AV for continuous and highly responsive games, smooth updates, and a discreet scanning procedure that will not overwhelm your system’s resources, so you can put all your negative thoughts to rest.

When it comes to scanning, you’ll be happy to know that there are a plethora of customization choices available, including scan while downloading, idle-state scanning, WMI scanner, Memory scanner, Registry scanner, and more.

You can also drag and drop select files to be scanned, scan your whole system, conduct targeted scans with preset cleaning levels, and scan external media like CDs, DVDs, and USB devices, among other things.


You may pause, restart, or stop a begun scan whenever you choose, and choose what to do once a scan is finished, such as reboot, shut down, sleep, or hibernate – your terms, your rules, and unlimited options to personalize this best antivirus for PC in Canada.

Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to try out this very versatile antivirus and its extensive scanning capabilities.

During the scan, ESET provides real-time protection.


Here are the findings in terms of resource impact:

  • CPU numbers varied from around 0.8 to 10-11 percent (there were a few spikes above 10%, but the percentage kept much below this figure generally).
  • Memory reached a peak of 44.9 megabytes twice, with typical values ranging from 32 to 44 megabytes.
  • At the Disk, Network, and GPU levels, there were no modifications.
  • There were 583574 objects scanned.
  • Disks, directories, and files were scanned as part of the process (:C, :D, WMI database, System registry)
  • No contaminated objects were found in the logs.
  • The scan took a total of 29 minutes and 16 seconds to complete (initial scan)

  • Data security in real time
  • Wifi Security Advisor and Network Threat Prevention
  • Webcam and microphone protection, as well as a privacy firewall
  • Online banking and safe surfing
  • Parental restrictions, a password manager, and a file shredder are all included.
  • With the inbuilt VPN, encrypted traffic is limited to 200 MB per day.

What better way to explain our top-rated security suite than to respond to one of your questions? Is Bitdefender still the best antivirus software? And we can say that objectively.

When it comes to security, this industry-leading antivirus ticks all the boxes, leaving no stone left in its efforts to keep you secure.

To provide iron-clad security, real-time virus protection is skillfully combined with multi-layer ransomware protection, anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-fraud, and vulnerability assessment technologies.

Anti-tracking, VPN, microphone and webcam, social media, online banking security, and parental controls are all incorporated and ready to shine bright.

Bitdefender manages to integrate classic antivirus engines with powerful network threat prevention and privacy firewalls while having a minimal effect on your resources thanks to a number of performance optimization addons.

Before the scan, Bitdefender provides real-time protection.


On one of our test machines, the ASUS SonicMaster laptop, our professional testers ran a comprehensive system scan (see specs above).

During the scan, Bitdefender provides real-time protection.


Here are the findings in terms of resource impact:

  • CPU values varied from around 1% to 12% (there were a handful of surges at 10% and no more than 12%, but the percentage remained below this mark for the most part).
  • Memory reached 42.8 MB on two occasions, with typical values ranging from 30 to 40 MB.
  • At the Disk and Network levels, nothing changed.
  • The GPU fluctuated from 3 to 8%, but on average stayed at 5%, with two surges at 9%.
  • There were 834168 things scanned, with a scan speed of 604 files per second on average.
  • 51 archives, 28 boot sectors, 4621 processes, and 3252 registry keys were scanned.
  • Two contaminated things were discovered and cleaned, and two passwords were safeguarded, according to the logs.
  • Adware, spyware, applications, dialers, rootkits, and keyloggers were among the threats discovered during the scan.
  • There were 10634767 revisions to threat information.
  • The scan took a total of 23 minutes to complete.

  • Manager of applications and devices
  • Detailed information and a centralized security dashboard
  • VPN service is provided (256-bit AES encryption)
  • Detection of malicious links and a custom-hardened browser
  • Advanced cyberthreats need multi-layer defense.
  • Only Windows offers advanced features like Ad Blocker and Keylogger Protection.

Kaspersky is proud of its outstanding cybersecurity products, and we appreciate all they have to offer. The finest antivirus Canada customers can get these days combines versatility and vast customization options with efficiency at its best.

Both ordinary viruses and advanced malware are stopped in their tracks by triple-layered security before they can infect your machine.

You may rest easy knowing that the digital world is secure for you thanks to its real-time security and proactive detection.

Needless to say, Kaspersky’s robust antivirus engine does more than just keep infections and trojans at bay.

Anti-hacking, privacy-focused, and exploit prevention technologies protect your complete online identity, including your data, network, and devices and peripherals.


2-way firewall, payment protection, Apps lock and manager, Smart VPN, advertising blocker, private browsing, network defender, anti-phishing, ransomware, spyware, keylogger, and rootkit removal tools are just a few of its most intriguing features.

When it comes to performance, Kaspersky has a lower effect on your PC than most of its rivals, and it even has a specific gamer mode to ensure you can immerse yourself in your game without interruptions.

Although a complete system scan would certainly slow you down (as it did for us), you can opt to conduct scans in idle mode or even offline, which is a huge bonus in our opinion.

Here are the findings in terms of resource impact:

  • CPU numbers varied from 2 to 5% (there were a few surges around 8%, but the percentage remained below this mark for the most part).
  • Memory reached a peak of 105.2 MB on two occasions, with typical values ranging from 85 to 100 MB.
  • At the Disk, GPU, and Network levels, there were no modifications.
  • There were 657055 objects screened, but no threats were found.
  • The scan took a total of 41 minutes and 7 seconds to complete.
  • The app is around 2.14 KB in size (disk space required)

  • Cross-platform and multi-device protection
  • Controls by parents and an emphasis on school time
  • There is a 50GB cloud backup accessible.
  • Included are a smart firewall and a secure VPN.
  • Detection of anti-spyware, anti-virus, malware, and ransomware
  • Only Windows users get access to extra services like Norton Cloud Backup and SafeCam.

Norton 360 Deluxe provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of cyber dangers, from ordinary viruses to sophisticated annoyances that may cause major harm to your computer.

It is well-liked all around the world and, owing to its family-friendly features, it stands out as the finest antivirus software that Canadians can use.

Here’s a quick rundown of what Norton recommends: Protection for up to 5 devices on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as complete parental controls and a School Time function to keep your kids focused and undistracted online.

In terms of security, it employs many layers of AI-based protection to keep viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware at bay while safeguarding your personal and financial data.

When it comes to privacy, the safe Norton VPN will give you with anonymous and traffic-encrypted surfing.

The Privacy Monitor tool takes things a step further by demonstrating how your personal data may be watched and targeted.

PC SafeCam is a very helpful function, since it prevents unwanted access to your camera.

If your personal information is ever compromised, this top antivirus for PC in Canada will come to your aid once again, scouring the famed Dark Web for possible matches to assist you recover your email address or any other information that was compromised.

At the network and data levels, a built-in password manager and smart firewall complete the circle, leaving no room for weaknesses and shutting the door on hackers.

Norton goes above and above by offering automated cloud backup for up to 50GB of data in the event of hardware failure.

On terms of scanning, we did observe some sluggishness during a complete system scan, which is why Norton only ranks fourth in our list.

  • Comprehensive protection against phishing attempts, bogus websites, and ransomware
  • Up to ten devices may be protected across platforms.
  • Online banking, surfing, and shopping are all safe.
  • Security assessments for PCs and mobile devices that are highly configurable
  • Stop remote access attacks on your PC.
  • Only the Ultimate version has the SecureLine VPN capability (the most pricy).

With the prevalence of virus assaults on the increase, it’s only reasonable to choose for the best antivirus for PC in Canada.

For a huge number of devices, the Premium Security package provides the best protection against viruses, hackers, and exploits.

You can secure up to 10 devices with only one subscription, and the greatest thing is that there are no restrictions on the OS or platform you use.

This essentially means that regardless of your weapon of choice (metaphorically speaking) – PC, Mac, smartphone on iOS, Android, or iPad – you can instantly activate your protective shield and create an impenetrable barrier between your data and all cyber threats, no matter how sophisticated or stubborn.

Nothing escapes the investigation of this best antivirus for Canada, from malware to ransomware and network vulnerabilities.

Malware is a piece of code that is so well-crafted that it may lurk in plain sight on dangerous websites, flashy advertisements, or even seemingly innocent services.

Even for the most tech-savvy users, it’s this capacity to conceal itself that makes it so hazardous in the first place. You can forget about phishing and ransomware attacks with Avast, and go about your normal surfing, banking, and shopping without fear.

It’s worth noting that the entire Avast Premium Security version was just 2.09 KB in size on our hard disk, and the scanning choices did not disappoint.


Here are the findings in terms of resource impact:

  • CPU numbers varied from 0.5 to 5% (there were a few surges around 7%, but the percentage remained below this mark for the most part).
  • Memory reached a peak of 178 MB on a few occasions, with typical values ranging from 140 to 160 MB.
  • At the Disk, GPU, and Network levels, there were no modifications.
  • There were 1317688 items examined, 151715 folders, 213.7 GIB of data, and two threats found.
  • The scan took a total of 37 minutes to complete.
  • The app is around 2.14 KB in size (disk space required)

Runners at the bottom

There have been additional antiviruses that have shown their capabilities in addition to the ones that made the list following our rigorous testing procedure.

Despite the fact that they are unlikely to win an award for best antivirus for PC in Canada anytime soon, they might still be decent choices to consider.

Avira Prime is a security program developed by Avira.

This is a complete package that you’ll want on your team since it contains not just next-generation antivirus protection but also a full-scale VPN that encrypts your traffic and handles all confidentiality issues from start to finish.

You’d think that this combo, which is bolstered by excellent malware detection capabilities, would have a large system footprint, right? Avira Prime turns out to help speed up your PC and manage software upgrades in the background, which is a significant benefit.

Sophos Home is a service provided by Sophos.

Sophos is difficult to dismiss, with real-time antivirus protection and comprehensive security management that includes parental controls, browser blocking, and anti-malware and anti-ransomware solutions.

While it lacks a VPN, it compensates for this with a slew of privacy-focused features. There’s no excuse not to test it for yourself and see how good a match it can be, especially since it comes with a 30-day free trial that doesn’t even need a credit card.

McAfee Antivirus Plus is an antivirus program developed by McAfee.

McAfee has a lengthy history and is still going strong today. Its most basic version, the MAV, is still one of the finest alternatives for numerous devices since it protects up to 10 PCs with only one license.

Of course, if you add additional features, the price rises, but the Antivirus Plus version provides just enough protection, as well as secure Web surfing and speed optimization, to keep you safe.

Have you discovered Canada’s greatest antivirus software? We certainly hope so! Keep in mind that specialist knowledge is insufficient to guide you in the proper direction. You’ll still have to get to the finish by deciding on your goals, particular requirements, and, of course, a budget that you can stay to (or to break).

1639642758_884_Best-antivirus-without-automatic-renewal-for-A-transparencyNow is the time to secure your computer!

Don’t leave your computer vulnerable! Get one of the top antivirus programs on the market and surf the web without fear! ESET Antivirus includes all of the security features you’ll ever need to keep your data and privacy safe, such as:

  • Webcam protection
  • Support for several platforms
  • System requirements are minimal.
  • Anti-malware protection that is second to none

Whether you choose a comprehensive protection package or a simple antivirus engine, you should be able to use your PC to its maximum potential without experiencing severe slowdown or jeopardizing your security.

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