Adobe error code 110 [Document could not be saved]

I have some troubles with the document I am trying to save. What should I do?

The “adobe acrobat the document could not be saved (105)” is a common error code in Adobe Acrobat. There are many causes for this, but one of the most common is that there isn’t enough room on your device.

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14th of December, 2021

Publish date: August 2020

  • One of the most well-known PDF readers on the market is Adobe Acrobat.
  • The following article will teach you how to resolve a frequent Adobe Reader problem.
  • You may safely upgrade Adobe Reader and repair a corrupted PDF file to solve this problem by following the steps.
  • We also show you how to use third-party document reading software to resolve the problem.


A 110 problem has been reported by certain Adobe Reader users on the Adobe forums. When some users attempt to save a PDF in Adobe Reader, they get error number 110. The whole error message for error 110 is as follows:

It was not possible to save the document. This paper was difficult to read. (110).

As a result, when that issue occurs, users are unable to save modifications to PDFs.

How can I repair the problem number 110 in Adobe Reader?

3. Repair a PDF file that has been damaged

Error number 110 is often seen when PDF files are corrupted. As a result, you may get the Stellar PDF Repair tool.

The procedure is simple to follow. You choose the file that is causing you trouble. It should be added to Stellar. Wait for the procedure to finish after clicking the Repair button.

After that, you may get a preview of the file and save the corrected version.

After that, you may open the freshly restored file in Adobe Reader and view the contents as they should be.

4. Use Nitro Pro to save the PDF document.

Saving PDF files inside Nitro Pro, according to some users, repaired problem 110.

  1. The Nitro Pro window should now be open.
  2. In Nitro Pro, open the PDF file for which the 110 error occurs.
  3. Select File from the File menu.
  4. Choose Save As from the drop-down menu.
  5. Save the file in a new folder after selecting PDF Document.
  6. Nitro Pro is really close.
  7. Then, in Adobe Reader, open the same PDF.
    • Try saving it in Adobe Reader again.

5. Open the PDF file in Foxit and save it.

Alternatively, try saving the file that causes error 110 with Foxit Reader, which may remove some of the document attributes that cause the problem in Adobe Reader.

To get the installer, go to Foxit’s website and click the Free Foxit Reader Download button. Open the PDF document in Foxit after installing the program.

Then, to save the PDF to a specific folder, go to File and Save As.

These are some of the ways that people have used to repair error 110. The problem is frequently caused by corrupted file attributes or font difficulties, which may be resolved using the techniques listed above.

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The “the document could not be saved. there was a problem reading this document (109)” is an error code that is often seen when trying to save a file with Adobe software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Error 110 on PDF?

A: This error is often caused by a corrupt document or corrupted app data. To fix this, you will need to delete the app and reinstall it again with no saved documents.

How do you fix Adobe Error The document could not be saved a number is out of range?

Why is my PDF not letting me save?

A: If you get a message saying This PDF cannot be saved while trying to save, your internet connection might not have been strong enough to keep the information and data downloaded. This happens because most computers need at least 2 MB/s download speed in order for this function to work properly.

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