Can’t uninstall Xbox Game Bar in Windows 11? Try these fixes

The Xbox Game Bar is a new feature introduced in Windows 11 to make gaming easier and more accessible. It works by adding an overlay on top of existing windows, giving you quick access to your favorite game controls as well as the ability to monitor battery life, or even see how much power your PC has left. You can also use it for other apps that are compatible with this feature such as Spotify or Amazon Music. But some people have experienced issues preventing them from uninstalling the tool completely by following the instructions provided here:

The “uninstall xbox game bar windows 11” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released fixes to fix the issue.

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  • It’s possible that you have a corrupted game file if you can’t remove the Xbox Game Bar.
  • Before continuing, make sure the Xbox Game Bar is turned on in Windows 11’s Settings.
  • If this isn’t the case, fixing the component has been shown to typically remedy the problem.



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Gamers may record a video of the game screen, take pictures, and interact with friends through Xbox Social with the Xbox Game Bar. Game DVR is a function of the program that records your screen in real time so you may record a clip of the game anytime you like.

You may disable the auto-capture feature to prevent Xbox from continually gathering footage of your screen and wasting your resources.

By going to Settings, then Gaming, then Captures, and unchecking the box, the Record What Happened option may be turned off.

In Windows 11, it is still not feasible to totally remove the Xbox Game Bar. The toggle option to turn off the Xbox Game Bar is no longer present in the Settings menu, unlike in Windows 10.

Instead of deactivating a feature, you may delete it if it is giving you trouble. However, if you are unable to remove it or if the uninstall option is greyed out, we will provide you with a list of other alternatives to try once we have a better understanding of the Xbox Game Bar’s capabilities.

What is the purpose of the Xbox Game Bar?

The solution to the question “What does the Xbox Game Bar do?” is deceivingly simple. It’s a game overlay that comes with Windows 11. Microsoft built it so that we may utilize a variety of widgets while playing games on our computers.1639472556_368_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these

You may acquire access to widgets in the Xbox Game Bar by using a simple keyboard shortcut. These widgets enable you to record game clips while still in the game, take screenshots, make friends, monitor and control performance, and more, all without having to abandon the game.

You may easily record gameplay and snap pictures of your game while you’re still playing it using the Xbox Game Bar. To use the Capture widget, just open the Xbox Game Bar and choose it from the list of choices.

You may store highlights, like as your most recent boss fights or Pentakills, for later reference, or you can save all of your gameplay for eternity, from beginning to finish.

The overlay software shows all of the audio channels that are presently active on your Windows device when you first launch it. Each one includes a volume control slider that may be used to change the loudness of each audio channel individually.

You no longer need to return to the desktop to adjust the volume of other programs or media players thanks to the Xbox Game Bar. Instead, you may finish the work right in your game.

What should I do if I can’t get Xbox Game Bar to uninstall on Windows 11?

1. Make use of the Windows Terminal

  1. Select Windows Terminal from the Start menu by right-clicking on the icon (Admin).1639472556_957_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these
  2. Type or paste the following command into the PoweShell window and press Enter: Get-AppxPackage Remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlayCant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these

PowerShell will now display the removal’s progress. Because the removal is still ongoing, do not shut the window at this time.

After that, try pressing Windows + G. Because the Xbox Game Bar overlay has been removed from your Windows 11 system, it should not appear. Simply go to the Microsoft Store, search for Xbox Game Bar, and install it from there to reinstall the program.

2. Turn off the shortcut to run the program.

  1. To access the Settings app, press Windows key + I, then go to Gaming, then Xbox Game Bar.1639472557_20_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these
  2. Using this button on a controller option, disable the toggle adjacent to the Open Xbox Game Bar. Only the launch shortcut will be disabled as a result of this.1639472558_805_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these
  3. Return to Settings, then Apps, and finally Apps & features to ensure the program does not run in the background.1639472558_321_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these
  4. Search for the Xbox Game Bar app, then choose Advanced Options from the three-dot menu.1639472559_539_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these
  5. Select the Never option from the drop-down box when you reach the Background applications permissions section.1639472559_118_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these
  6. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Terminate button to terminate the program and its associated processes instantly.1639472560_300_Cant-uninstall-Xbox-Game-Bar-in-Windows-11-Try-these

Is the Xbox Game Bar necessary, and is it secure?

Gamebar.exe is a virus-free program. It is a legitimate Microsoft application that controls the background processes necessary for the Xbox Game Bar to work correctly.


In fact, it comes preloaded as the default software on all Windows 11 machines. There are, nevertheless, certain potential dangers.

A tiny number of users have seen malware try to pass itself off as the Xbox Game Bar. If you’re worried about the possibility of this occurring, you should use a reliable antivirus and malware detection program.

Gamebar.exe will, on average, use relatively little computing power. It’s conceivable that this number may rise somewhat if you’re capturing gaming video, but on a regular basis, Task Manager should show that it’s using no more than 1 to 2% of your system’s resources.

If you play Xbox or PC games often, the Xbox Game Bar may be a handy tool for staying in contact with friends, capturing spectacular gameplay moments, or just listening to music while gaming.

You don’t need the functionality if you just use your Windows PC for work or web surfing. While there is no risk in keeping it enabled, by following the procedures indicated above, you can immediately deactivate the gamebar.exe and never have to worry about it again.

Check out our post on how to remove the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 for more information and possible solutions that may also apply to Windows 11.

Alternatively, if you experience issues and the game bar stops operating with Windows 11, we have already produced a tutorial on how to repair it.

Users have also benefited from reading our article on how to repair a problematic Xbox Game Bar that won’t turn off on Windows 11. Make sure you check it out!

Let us know which approach worked best for you, as well as how frequently you utilize the Xbox Game Bar, in the comments section below. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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The “uninstall xbox game bar windows 10 powershell” is a solution to the issue of not being able to uninstall Xbox Game Bar in Windows 11. The following are some of the fixes that have been tried and tested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cant you uninstall Xbox game bar?

A: It is not possible to uninstall the Xbox game bar. The Game Bar must remain active while you are playing games on your PC. If you begin to see a green box with this text, Xbox Game Bar has been activated, that means its still active and running in the background for some reason.

How do I get rid of the Xbox game bar on Windows 11?

A: It would be wise to try disabling the Xbox game bar feature. This can be done by going into the settings in your computer, clicking on Game Bar > Settings and unchecking Show Game Bar when I play games.

Why cant I uninstall Xbox from Windows 10?

A: There is no way to uninstall Xbox from Windows 10.

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