5 Best Ways to Type Summation Symbol On Keyboard (+ Shortcuts)

Are you tired of copy+paste? Are you looking for a smarter way to do your daily tasks? Well, then, this article is for you. Here are 5 different ways that you can use to save time when you are typing summation marks in your daily routine. Place anything you can think of below in this form.

Summation symbol is a mathematical symbol consisting of a lowercase letter ‘s’ followed by an uppercase letter ‘d’ with a final ‘n’ on the bottom. It is used to represent the summation of the terms of an expression. This is an expression of the sum of all the elements of an expression inside the parenthesis.

There are few things more frustrating than typing summation symbol on keyboard. It’s so important to get right, yet so so so so so so so so so frustrating.

Click the button below to copy and paste the Summation symbol. Continue scrolling down the page to learn how to use the keyboard to insert or type this symbol.

Using the Keyboard to Type the Summation Symbol (Summary)

You may use a variety of ways to insert or type the summation symbol.

The following is a summary of each method:

Method of Alt Code: The Summation Symbol’s Alt Code is 228. To use the Alt Code to type the Summation sign, just press and hold one of the Alt keys on your keyboard while entering the Alt code on the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key. This technique needs a separate numeric keypad with Num Lock activated on your keyboard. It is also only compatible with Windows.

Option + W is the Mac keyboard shortcut for the Summation symbol. Simply hit and hold the Option key on your Mac keyboard, then press and release the W key to write the Symbol for Summation using this shortcut.

Microsoft Word Unicode Shortcut: 2211, Alt + X, is the shortcut for making the Summation sign in MS Word. To utilize this shortcut, open Microsoft Word and enter 2211, then immediately click Alt + the X key after inputting the code. If it still doesn’t work, highlight the code and then press Alt + X.

To use the Summation symbol in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), go to Insert > Symbols > More Symbols to open the Symbol library. Then locate the Summation symbol and double-click it to insert it into your Word/Excel/PowerPoint document.

Copy and Paste: To copy and paste the Summation symbol, just click the Copy button above. If you’re using Windows, we’ve previously spoken about how to copy and paste this symbol using the character Map dialog. To discover all of the techniques, you’ll want to read all the way to the conclusion.

These are the many ways to make the Summation sign on any operating system, including Windows and Mac, and in any program, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even Google Docs.

Let’s look at each technique in more detail.

Shortcut for the Summation Symbol (Windows)

Alt Code 228 is the summation symbol.

Alt codes are used in Windows to enter symbols or characters that aren’t found on the keyboard.

When attempting to write special characters, this technique is very useful since it saves a considerable amount of time.

The steps to enter the Summation sign on Windows using the Alt Code keyboard shortcut are as follows:

  • Open the document where you’ll be typing the Summation symbol.
  • The cursor should be placed where you want it to be.
  • Hold down one of the Alt Keys on your keyboard.
  • While holding down the Alt key, enter the Summation Alt code on the right numeric keypad (228)
  • After entering the code, release the alt key.

The summation sign will display as soon as you let go of the Alt key.

In order for the summation Alt Code to function, the following requirements must be fulfilled.

  • You must hold down the Alt key before entering the code.
  • You must use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard to enter the alt code.
  • Because you’re utilizing a 10-key numeric keypad, you’ll need to activate NumLock. The number keys become disabled when NumLock is turned off, and you won’t be able to enter any numbers.
  • If your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you’ll have to first enable the hidden numeric keypad. On most computers, you can switch it on by simultaneously hitting the Fn + NmLk buttons. Not every laptop has a concealed numeric keypad. If it doesn’t appear in yours, you’ll have to use an external keyboard with a numeric keypad or use the on-screen keyboard to enter symbols using the alt code technique. You may still utilize the other techniques mentioned in this article.
  • You should also be aware that not all symbols can be written with the alt code, depending on the text editor you’re using. Some of the alt codes are only recognized by Microsoft Word.

Shortcut for the Summation Symbol (Mac)

Option + W is the Mac shortcut for Summation Symbol.

The Alt code technique is only available on Windows and may only be utilized there.

If you’re using a Mac PC, though, this shortcut will work.

To utilize this Mac keyboard shortcut, follow the steps below:

  • To type the symbol, open the document where you wish to type it.
  • Keep the Option key pressed and held.
  • Simply hit the W key once while holding this key.
  • Then press and hold the Option key.

If you complete the following instructions properly, you can enter the summation sign anywhere on your Mac keyboard.

Summation Sign may be typed using a shortcut (MS Word)

The Summation sign in MS Word is typed using the shortcut 2211, Alt + X.

While the Alt code and Mac shortcuts described above may be used to enter this symbol in any application, including Microsoft Word, this shortcut is only available in Word.

To utilize this shortcut, open your Microsoft Word document, place the insertion cursor where you wish to write the Summation symbol, and then just follow the steps below:

  • Simply enter 2211 into the search box.
  • Then hit Alt + X at the same time.
  • If it still doesn’t work, highlight the code and then press Alt + X.

The symbol displays in place of the Unicode when you press Alt + X after entering it.

Insert a Summation Symbol from the Office Symbol Library.

If using the keyboard isn’t your thing, you may also obtain the Summation sign in Office applications like Microsoft Word by using the mouse.

We’ll use screenshots from Microsoft Word to demonstrate the procedures. In Excel and PowerPoint, though, you may apply the same technique.

Here are the measures to take without further ado:

  • Open Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Place your cursor where you want it.
  • Select the Insert tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Select More Symbols from the drop-down menu after clicking the Symbols button in the Symbols group.

After that, the Symbol window will display. It has a billion symbols, one of which is the Summation sign.

  • In the symbol library, look for the Summation symbol.

Use the Subset dropdown option to show certain kinds of symbols to quickly find this symbol. The Summation symbol is found in the Mathematical Operators group.

However, typing Unicode 2211 in the Character code text box is the quickest method to obtain this symbol. The Summation symbol will be filtered out and chosen after you enter the Unicode.

  • Simply double-click it to put it into your document. Alternatively, you may use the Insert key.
  • The Dialog is now closed.

If you carefully follow the instructions above, you may use Word to enter the Summation sign or any other symbol or character that is not accessible on the keyboard.

Summation Symbol (Copy and Paste)

This is by far the most straightforward method of obtaining any symbol, including the Summation symbol.

Simply copy the symbol elsewhere, such as a web page, and then go to the document where you need it and click Ctrl + V.

The symbol is given below if you wish to replicate it.

The instructions below will teach you how to copy this symbol from the Character Map if you have a Windows PC.

  • Search for the Character Map app and open it.
  • Select the Advance View checkbox beside the button to see additional Character map choices.
  • A search box may be found in the Advanced view. Put summation in the box and hit Enter.
  • In the search results, the symbol will show.
  • Simply pick it in the Characters to copy text box with a double click and then press the Copy button.


It may be tough to get symbols that do not have keys on the keyboard.

It should, however, no longer be a tough job with the help of the techniques mentioned.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our tutorial.

If you’ve ever typed summation symbol on keyboard, you’ll know that it can be a pain to type on some of the most popular keyboard. For some people, it’s as simple as tapping the “sum” key on their keyboard as they type; for others, it’s as hard as typing the whole word out. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of the best ways to type summation on keyboard plus shortcuts.. Read more about how to type mathematical symbols in keyboard and let us know what you think.

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The summation symbol is the symbol for a summation, which is a mathematical operation that takes place when you add up a series of numbers.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you type a Sigma shortcut?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
To type a Sigma shortcut, you would use the following keyboard combination: Alt + Shift + S”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:””,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:””}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I type the summation symbol on my keyboard?

The summation symbol is the symbol for a summation, which is a mathematical operation that takes place when you add up a series of numbers.

How do you type a Sigma shortcut?

To type a Sigma shortcut, you would use the following keyboard combination: Alt + Shift + S

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